About us


With more than 1,300 Association clients (containing 120,000+ units) and 90+ years of combined experience, we are clearly the industry’s leading CPA firm. In fact, our firm provides services to 40% of all Associations in the Twin Cities.

Our highly knowledgeable staff is proficient in all of the accounting principles that are applicable to Associations. We possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to provide you with a myriad of professional services required in this industry.

In 1960 there were just 500 community associations in the United States. Data from the Community Associations Institute states that there are now more than 300,000 communities that house over 60 million Americans. This represents an estimated real estate value of nearly $4 trillion, approximately 20 percent of the value of all U.S residential real estate. Estimated annual operating revenue for U.S. community associations is more than $41 billion.

With a growing industry of this size, Community Associations look to a specialist who understands the unique and complex financial, accounting and tax issues facing them today. Our CPA firm provides services exclusively to Condominium, Cooperative, Townhome and Homeowner Associations, and nonprofit organizations. We have the qualifications and expertise that are essential in providing you with the following professional services:

  • Audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements
  • Individual and Corporate Income tax return preparation
  • Monthly accounting services
  • Consultation regarding compliance with the statutorily imposed Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (MCIOA) – including recent major amendments
  • Consultation for accounting, income tax, reserve fund plans, rental programs and special assessment implementation
  • Budget planning and preparation
  • Internal control evaluation to recommend and implement procedures which further safeguard association assets and maximize operational efficiency
  • Professional representation at membership and board meetings
  • Educational seminars for board members, owners and managers

Your home is an investment, and the strength of your Association’s financial condition affects its marketability. As the industry’s leader, our firm stands prepared to serve your Association’s needs and assist board members and managers as they carry out their fiduciary responsibilities.